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Commercial drones are creating unlimited and exciting opportunities. DroneStart is the ground school for commercial drone operators pursuing FAA certification.

The NEW Small UAS rule (FAA Part 107) requires all commercial drone operators to achieve Remote Pilot in Command certification.

Remote Pilot in Command

FAA Part 107 creates a Remote Pilot in Command designation for unmanned aircraft systems. This historic rules change will create one of the fastest growing opportunities in drone technologies.

To Become a Pilot You Must:

checkbox Be at least 16 years old.

checkbox Pilots must be able to read, speak, write and understand English.

checkbox Be in a physical and mental condition to safely operate a small UAS.

checkbox Pass the inital aeronatical knowledge exam at a FAA-approved knowledge testing center.

Comprehensive Training & Exam Prep

Content Centered + Self-Paced + Flexible = Success!!!


Content Rich Training with a Goal

Understanding government regulations can be intimidating, especially if you are not familiar with the regulatory process.

DroneStart will present the FAA regulartory content in a clear and easy to understand format.

Upon completion, you will have been presented the knowledge required to successfully pass the aeronautical knowledge exam and begin your career as a Remote Pilot in Command.

  • Remote Pilot in Command
  • FAA Part 107
  • Definition / Terminology
  • National Airspace
  • FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Exam
  • Practical Applications

Full Coverage of Exam Material

The training is divided into modules. This will allow you to focus on important information, as well as pace the training to your schedule.

Practice Assessments

After each learning module, assessments will test your knowledge and ensure you are retaining important information. Tutorials will help you when you are off track.

Certificate of Completion

Taking the FAA Remote Pilot in Command Exam is the first step in an exciting journey. Future certifications will add to your knowledge and skills.

Benefits and Advantages of Certification

Technologies are entering the workplace at a frenzied pace. There are opportunities for the individuals that seek to increase their knowledge and improve their skills.

Recognition of Skills

Skills of dexterity and recognition must meet the requirements of technology. Interactive training develops these skills and prepares candidates for industry recognition through professional certification.

Gain Professional Credibility

Certified Professionals are looked to for their knowledge, skills and experience. They provide value by being the credible experts in their industries.

Network with Other Operators

Education doesn't end in the classroom or at the completion of a training course. It continues everyday in the workplace. Collaboration is key to Certified Professional.

Gain Vocational Knowledge and Industry Resources

Technologies and methods change rapidly. Being a Certified Professional means staying up with latest and greastest in your field. Our Resource Library is continuously reviewed for accuracy and relevance, helping you see your fullest potential.

Track Progress on Your Personal Dashboard

Our Dashboard will keep you on track to complete trainings and schedule new ones as they become available, keeping you at the top of your game!

Get Jobs - Make $$

There are tremendous opportunities with emerging technologies. Professionals must prove that they possess the knowledge and skills that employers and customers value. Professional certification validates that knowledge and those skills.

Affordable Training for Everyone

Remote Pilot in Command Training & Exam Prep


Training includes 24 month access to the Resource Library.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What is Drone Start?

DroneStart uses a backbone of sophisticated learning management software, authoring tool and robust analytics combined with over 30 years of industry experience to create professional development tools. DroneStart is dedicated to providing an educational experience to improve the lives of our customers.

Why do we need certification now?

Industries are making significant investments in commercial drones technologies. When operated correctly, these drones will create significant efficiencies and improvments in the workplace. Individuals that achieve these skill need to be identified and given the credit they have earned.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Flexibility is key. You will have access to your Dashboard for 24 months. Training programs are normally available for 60 days, but may be extended if the candidate does not successfully pass their exam.

Can I take the course at my own pace?

Our Platform is 100% cloud based. You can access it from any computer or device that has internet access. Working at your pace and around your schedule will create a powerful learning experience and improve knowledge retention.

Will getting a certification help me find work?

Effective August 29, 2016, all commercial drone operators will be required to hold a Remote Pilot in Command certification. All employers will need to require this as a minimum standard when operating a commercial drone. It is widely believed that professional certifications will be required in specific industries.

Is the exam hard, does it have a low success rate?

The Exam was created to insure safety and professionalism in the national airspace system. It covers a good deal of content from flight dynamics to the pilot’s liability. The cost of the exam is roughly $150 and must be taken at a FAA approved testing site. For those that do not pass the exam, there is a 14 day waiting period and a full price retesting fee. DroneStart prepares you to pass the exam on the first time!

Take your drone to new heights!